$22.5 Million Boost for Riverwalk at Kangaroo Point Enhances Brisbane’s Active Transport Network

Kangaroo Point Active Transport Bike Path
Photo Credit: BCC

A $22.5-million investment is set to complete the Riverwalk at Kangaroo Point, creating a continuous bike and pedestrian pathway to Mowbray Park.

The $22.5 million investment is part of a larger $315-million commitment over the next four years to enhance cycling and walking paths throughout the state. 

This initiative falls under the expansive $37.4-billion Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program (QTRIP) for 2024-2028, which is set to bolster active transport facilities across Queensland significantly.

Economic and Health Benefits

The investment in active transport infrastructure is expected to deliver considerable economic returns. Studies show that every dollar spent on bike infrastructure brings nearly five dollars in economic benefits, including improved health, reduced congestion, and lower transportation costs. Walking infrastructure is even more lucrative, returning $13 for every dollar invested.

Key Projects Under QTRIP

Several projects have been highlighted under this initiative:

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– The construction of a $36.1 million velobridge over Birdwood Road on the Veloway 1 in Greenslopes.

– A $41.5 million allocation for the Cairns Southern Access Cycleway, with joint funding from the Australian Government.

– $20 million for a cycleway accompanying the Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3.

– Enhancements to the active transport facilities on Moggill Road, with an investment of $10.4 million.

– The development of a network of bike-friendly streets in South Brisbane, West End, and Highgate Hill, receiving $9.6 million.

– An allocation of $9.4 million towards stage 2 of the New England Highway Bikeway.

These infrastructure improvements are complemented by initiatives aimed at promoting cycling and walking, including education, safety improvements, and economic stimulation through active transport. The broader strategy also involves using research and data to guide decision-making and improve the effectiveness of these initiatives.

Ongoing Developments

Meanwhile, the first stage of Kangaroo Point bridge works is now complete, with more than 200 meters of new pathways constructed underneath the Story Bridge between Main St and Deakin St. This development provides a seamless link improving accessibility for those who walk, ride, or scoot from the Gabba and eastern suburbs into the CBD.

In addition to the Riverwalk project, Brisbane City Council is actively improving other parts of the Kangaroo Point Bikeway, especially between Captain Cook Bridge and Thornton Street. This includes enhancing connectivity, safety, and accessibility along this vital corridor. A recent community consultation has provided valuable insights, which will help shape future improvements in the area.

 Captain Cook Bridge and Thornton Street
Photo Credit: BCC

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, further enhancements are planned for Kangaroo Point’s active travel infrastructure. This includes the detailed design and upcoming construction of the Shafston Avenue Bikeway, which aims to connect existing routes to the new Kangaroo Point Green Bridge, creating an important link for Brisbane’s active travelers. This project is contingent upon a funding agreement between the local and state governments.

The extensive investments and ongoing projects underscore a robust commitment to enhancing Brisbane’s active transport network, fostering a healthier, more connected city.

Published 24-June-2024