Approved Kangaroo Point Shoptop Development to Include Full-Line Woolworths Store

Artist’s proposed render of the mixed-use development with full-line Woolworths at Kangaroo Point (Photo credit: Cottee Parker)

Did you know that a new full-line Woolworths supermarketwill soon be built along Prospect Street in Kangaroo Point? The store will be part of a larger planned development, which will also include more than 130 new apartments across 17 storeys.

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Originally, the supermarket was only going to be a smaller Woolworths Metro store. However, the developer Fabcot, a subsidiary of Woolworths, amended the plans in 2021 to allow for a larger, full-line store totaling around 2,600 sq m of commercial space. 

Fabcot was able to expand the project after acquiring an additional lot near the original site on Ferry St.

Photo credit: Cottee Parker

Brisbane City Council initially approved only 10 storeys for 23-31 Ferry St in December 2021, which included 53 apartments, three levels of parking, and a supermarket. However, the council has now greenlit plans to increase the number of apartments to 130, 77 more than originally proposed.

Changes in overall height (Photo credit: Cottee Parker)

According to documents filed with Council, the extra land allowed the developer to add more residential apartments on each floor whilst still meeting zoning requirements. 

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The total land area is now over 3,000 sqm with frontages along Ferry, Prospect, and Deakin Streets. Part of the land will be reserved for future road expansions.

The town planners said the larger store will help serve the strong local customer base in the area that currently lacks a full-line supermarket option.

Photo credit: Nearmap

Construction on the shoptop project, designed by architects at Cottee Parker, will happen in two stages, with the Woolworths store and other ground floor retail slated to open first. The remaining residential apartments and amenities like a rooftop pool and gym will be built in stage two. 

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The developer aims to have the supermarket operational ahead of completing the apartments above.

Published 4-August-2023