Art And The River Public Trail In Kangaroo Point: Innovative & Sustainable Works Of Art

Photo credit: Weekend Notes

Brisbane City Council has established walking art trails in different parts of the city with a focus on different themes. In Kangaroo Point, the Art and the River Public Art Trail is a satisfying walk that will let you see and take in the beauty of the Brisbane River whilst being surrounded by various works of art.

The 2.4 kilometre walk starts at the Maritime Museum and ends at the Thornton Street ferry terminal.

This trail is divided into three sections:

Section 1 – kick off at the Maritime Museum, walking on the Kangaroo Point boardwalk all the way to the Riverlife Adventure Centre
Section 2 – begin at the Riverlife Adventure Centre and end the trail at the Thornton Street ferry terminal
Section 3 – walk the trails on top of the cliffs at the Kangaroo Point Park

The Art

As you take in the wonderful views, the artworks along this trail are the “piéce de résistance.”

Man & Matter and World Expo ’88 – giant human shapes by Peter D’Cole depicting human relationship with technology.
Biomechanical Pelicans – bronze birds made from recycled materials set on a river pylon that embodies sustainability.
Sunflower Mobile – huge sunflower that draws energy through its solar-powered petals by Jonathan Coleman.
Reflections at Midday – a sundial with astrological symbols by Jandy Pannel.
Fish Fossil – inspired by the cliffs and the Brisbane River by Christopher Trotter.
Geerbaugh’s Midden – a midden with six poles that represents an Aboriginal clan and a star in the Southern Cross.
Flickering Wind Generator – converts wind energy into electrical energy perched on top of a shelter by Jonathon Coleman.
Crossover Guardians – oar-shaped pieces that resemble the cross bars of the Story Bridge
Venus Rising – Out of water and into the light – 23m steel sculpture that mimics a nautilus steel by Wolfgang Buttress
Seven Versions of the Sun – a series of seven arbours along the main promenade by Daniel Boyd.
Untitled: Wormholes – colourful worm-like structure by Alexander Knox.
The Green Room and Afforest – a soft amphitheatre that features rolling hills and ornamental interwoven shrubs by Nicole Voevedin-Cash.

You can also cycle along the trail via CityCycle.

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