Final Notice: Dockside Marina Commercial Boat Operator Told to Leave

Final Notice: Dockside Marina Commercial Boat Operator Told to Leave

Hundreds are about to lose jobs after commercial boat operators at Dockside Marina were given final notices to leave and find more suitable moorings.

Dockside Marina lessee Ken Allsop has been unsuccessful in convincing the State to amend his lease conditions, resulting in a directive for commercial operators including Prawnster, Brisbane Jet Skis, GoBoat, and Yot Club to vacate the Kangaroo Point premises.

“Well the axe has fallen and all commercial ventures operating at the Dockside Marina have been told to leave as of April the 5th. No mention as to where we were expected to go as the promised commercial marina has never been constructed,” Wayne Miller wrote in his update to their online petition against the eviction.

“This was a state promise back in 2016. Billions of dollars are being thrown around for the building of infrastructure for the 2032 Olympic Games, but no mention or consideration for the Charter Boat industry who will benefit the tourists and locals alike.”

In 2022, the Department of Resources (DoR) issued a notice to remove commercial operators from the Dockside Marina by 4 March 2022, stating that the lease was meant only for recreational boat users. 

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The Department said that the lease allowed only private vessels to moor either permanently or temporarily.

The decision was put on hold after the marina suffered flood damage in February. Allsop sought to appeal the decision but was rejected in June 2022. The operators were then notified recently that they had to leave by early April.

The facility has seen an increase in commercial operators over the years, including a floating seafood restaurant, jetski and electric boat hire, which prompted complaints from residents of the adjacent Dockside unit towers due to noise, rubbish smells, and safety concerns. 

A DoR spokesperson noted that whilst the department recognizes the value of the tourism operators on the Brisbane River, lessees on government property must adhere to their lease conditions.

They added that the department is seeking alternative mooring for the businesses operating from the marina. 

As an interim solution, Charter boat operators Aquarius Charters and Brisvegas relocated a few weeks ago after opportunities to move opened at Rivergate Marina.They said, however, that this would add to their fuel cost and staff hours as well as their maintenance cost, not to mention that it is far from their customers. 

Meanwhile, small electric hire vessels operator, GoBoat, has moved to Breakfast Creek near the Mercedes Benz headquarters, although they too prefer a location closer to the CBD.

Published 5-April-2023