Get A Sneak Peek Of The Restaurant And Cafe Set To Open On the Green Bridge at Kangaroo Point

Green Bridge at Kangaroo Point
View of the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge showing elevated restaurant and bar opportunity (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Flickr)

The green bridge at Kangaroo Point, set to open its doors in 2024, is expected to provide a seamless pedestrian and bicycle connection, as well as an unforgettable dining experience at its strategically located restaurant and cafe.

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Tassis, the renowned hospitality group behind restaurants like Yamas, Massimo, and Fatcow has won the tender and will introduce Bombora, an overwater restaurant and bar, along with Mulga Bill’s cafe on the city landing. 


Green Bridge at Kangaroo Point
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Flickr

Perched above the majestic Brisbane River, Bombora promises an elegant and modern celebration of Australia’s land and sea.

The eatery derives its name from the Indigenous phrase that describes immense oceanic waves crashing upon hidden reefs or sandy banks, a fitting appellation for an establishment that presents a culinary journey as splendid as its surroundings.

Green Bridge at Kangaroo Point
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Flickr

As guests enjoy the delicious food, they will be amazed by the stunning views of the Brisbane River, CBD, Story Bridge, and Kangaroo Point cliffs. The menu is yet to be revealed, but it will be inspired by the surrounding flowing waters.

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Mulga Bill’s 

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Flickr

Situated in the vibrant new urban plaza at the corner of Edward and Alice streets, Mulga Bill’s is the perfect stopover spot for bridge users seeking a respite from their journey. 

Inspired by Banjo Patterson’s famous poem Mulga Bill’s Bicycle, this casual all-day dining cafe will feature a bicycle-themed decor, paying homage to the many cyclists who will pass by the bridge. 

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Flickr

With an enticing array of wood-fired pizzas, succulent steaks, and fresh seafood, Mulga Bill’s ensures that every palate is satisfied. In addition, the cafe will offer delectable pastries and convenient picnic boxes for those looking for a quick and delicious bite on the go.

A Green Bridge for the Future

Kangaroo Point Green Bridge
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Flickr

The Kangaroo Point green bridge will be exclusively accessible to pedestrians and cyclists, fostering a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transport. 

With an estimated 6,000 pedestrians, cyclists, and e-mobility riders projected to use the bridge daily by 2036, this landmark infrastructure promises to transform commuting into an enjoyable experience. 

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Whether it’s a leisurely stroll, an invigorating bike ride, or a picturesque picnic by the riverside, the green bridge would offer a gateway to explore the beauty of Brisbane whilst minimising the carbon footprint.

Published 1-May-2023