New Gourmet Delivery Service Boho Kitchen Launches in Kangaroo Point

Boho Kitchen
Photo credit: Boho Kitchen

Pressed for time in preparing healthy meals? Tired of the usual fast-food delivery choices? Did you know that you can now have gourmet, healthy, and delicious food delivered to you from the newly-launched Kangaroo Point eatery Boho Kitchen?

Located on Main Street, Boho Kitchen is from Beatrix Nagy, who had a similar business in her home country of South Korea. She offered boxed meals filled with high-quality food, which were a hit with the professionals and expats. 

Ms Nagy focused on delivering food that isn’t bad for one’s diet nor damaging to the weekly food budget. She then brought the same concept for Boho Kitchen with brunch or gourmet boxes that has choices like the Power Breakfast box, The Morning After brunch box, the Date Night box, the Pyjama Day Meal, and the Nibble All-Day box. 

The set menus included in these boxes feature meals like Boho Granola Cups With Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt, a Smorgasboard Of Smoked Trout & Crumbled Goat Cheese With Fresh Lemon & Herbs, and Chicken Schnitzel Caesar Sliders With A Zesty Green Salad. 

Photo Credit: Facebook

Aside from the delivery option, Boho Kitchen is also a small coffee house, taking over the site of the former Bluntys restaurant. The cafe serves a curated selection of deli and baked goods for those on the go. They also offer brunches for dine-in customers but seating is limited. 

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Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

Every food served in this eatery is prepared from scratch so that the customers could enjoy fresh and nutritious meals that are miles better than ready-made food. As much as possible, food served from Boho Kitchen is without preservatives, additives, and artificial flavours. 

Boho Kitchen is on a soft launch beginning 9 May 2021. For more on the store, follow their Facebook page.