Iconic Mast Makes Kangaroo Point Green Bridge Brisbane’s Tallest Bridge

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The final piece of the 95-metre tall mast that will be the centrepiece of the new Kangaroo Point Green Bridge was finally installed, marking a major milestone in the bridge’s construction.

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The installation of its iconic mast makes the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge the tallest bridge in Brisbane today.

The mast, which weighs 270 tonnes, was lifted into place by a large heavy lift luffing tower crane positioned on a platform in the middle of the Brisbane River. The crane, called the M2480D, was brought in specifically for this project by contractor Marr due to its ability to safely lift the fully assembled mast head.

Photo credit: besixwatpac.com

The bridge is being built by Connect Brisbane, a consortium led by BESIX Watpac. According to Rowan Riggall, Project Director for BESIX Watpac, extensive analysis went into selecting the right crane for the job, including comparing barge cranes and tower cranes. The M2480D was chosen as the only crane in Australia capable of completing the record-breaking lift.

Photo credit: besixwatpac.com

The installation of the mast is considered a major achievement for the project, which has faced challenges constructing such a tall structure in the middle of a busy waterway without impacting river traffic. 

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About the Project

A new pedestrian and cyclist bridge will soon connect Kangaroo Point to Brisbane’s central business district. The Kangaroo Point Green Bridge, scheduled to open in 2024, will provide a direct link between Kangaroo Point, the city’s eastern suburbs, and the CBD. 

The Brisbane City Council awarded the design and construction contract to Connect Brisbane, a consortium led by BESIX Watpac, in June 2021 after a thorough procurement process. Construction on the bridge also began later that year. Upon completion, the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge will make walking and biking between these areas much easier and more convenient. 

Published 16-January-2024