Kangaroo Point Bridge Project Half Done, But Costs Double Original Budget

Kangaroo Point bridge
Artist’s impression of Kangaroo Point Green Bridge (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Flickr)

Brisbane’s ambitious Kangaroo Point bridge has crossed a major construction milestone but is now saddled with a towering budget far exceeding original estimates.

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Over 240 metres of the pedestrian and cyclist bridge’s 460-metre span stretching across the Brisbane River has been installed. 

However, costs for the bridge have shot up over $100 million from the initial $190 million price tag to a staggering $299 million according to revised council figures.

Kangaroo Point Bridge
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Flickr

Brisbane City Council transport chair Ryan Murphy attributed the ballooning budget to a ‘perfect storm’ of supply chain struggles, labour shortages and runaway materials costs buffeting major infrastructure projects worldwide. 

Despite the escalating price, Cr Murphy reaffirmed the council’s commitment to pushing through and completing the project he called the city’s most important active transit initiative.

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The setbacks follow the fanfare last year when the first spans were lifted into place. Once open, expected by 2024, the bridge will provide a direct crossing for cyclists and walkers between Kangaroo Point and Brisbane’s CBD.

Cr Murphy highlighted that the green bridge will become a vital connection for residents and visitors as the city hosts more major events like the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Kangaroo Point Bridge
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Flickr

Cr Murphy stated that the pedestrian and cyclist bridge will be a go-to destination for tourists whilst also linking Kangaroo Point to the Brisbane CBD and Gabba stadium. With Brisbane being Australia’s fastest growing capital, Cr Murphy emphasised the need to deliver transportation infrastructure that keeps pace with population growth and expands mobility options.

The bridge landings will also include two new dining destinations, Bombora and Mulga Bill’s from the Tassis Group.

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Estimates for the Kangaroo Point bridge project indicate that by 2036 over 6,000 pedestrians, cyclists, and e-scooter and e-bike riders will cross the bridge each day.

Published 12-September-2023