Kangaroo Point Green Bridge Construction Commences

Kangaroo Point Green Bridge

Work on the much-anticipated Kangaroo Point Green Bridge commenced in December 2021 and is now underway. 

Whilst a majority of construction works will occur from the Brisbane River, construction sites will also be established at C.T. White Park (off Hamilton Street) and Scott Street in Kangaroo Point and the corner of Alice and Edward streets, near the City Botanic Gardens in the CBD. 

The initial construction works will involve investigation works, relocation of park infrastructure and associated utilities, diversion of pedestrian and cycle paths, and removal of some vegetation.

Indicative Construction Areas for the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council / brisbane.qld.gov.au

About Kangaroo Point Green Bridge

The $190-million green bridge will provide a convenient way for pedestrians and bikers to move between Kangaroo Point, the eastern suburbs, and the CBD. It is expected to become Brisbane’s latest, must-visit destination with viewing platforms, landing points, and multiple dining opportunities above the Brisbane River. 

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Spanning 460 metres, one of the longest in the world, the green bridge is part of Council’s long-term plan of providing more riding options to help residents and visitors conveniently move around the city. 

Other green bridges in the pipeline include the green bridges linking Toowong to West End and St Lucia to West End, as well as a new crossing at Breakfast Creek.

Location of the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council / brisbane.qld.gov.au

The Kangaroo Point Green Bridge is expected to accommodate more than 6,100 trips per day by 2036 and reduce car trips across the Brisbane River by as many as 84,000 per year. 

The project is also projected to generate 300 plus local jobs and apprenticeship opportunities of up to 50. 

Kangaroo Point Green Bridge Features

Design and construction of the bridge is handled by Connect Brisbane – a consortium led by BESIX Watpac and includes Rizzani de Eccher, WSP, Dissing & Weitling, Blight Rayner, ASPECT Studios, Right Angle Studios and Rowland.

The key features of the Kangaroo Point Bridge include: a river crossing between the corner of Alice Street and Edward Street, and Scott Street; an elegant single-mast cable stay structure; dedicated cycle paths and pedestrian paths; and a navigable bridge with a clearance height of 12.7 metres.

There will also be viewing platforms and rest nodes with panoramic views of the river and the city, as well as high quality landing points. 

The green design features including solar panels, cooling vegetation and shade cover along the length of the bridge.

The target completion of the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge is late 2023.