Kangaroo Point Resident With Mobility Issues Unable to Leave Apartment for 15 Days Due to Broken Lift

Kangaroo Point
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Steve McLeod, a former Brisbane Bullitt star and assistant coach from the late 80s and early 90s, has significant mobility issues due to a rare, auto-immune condition and when the lift broke down in his apartment complex for an extended period, he became effectively ‘trapped’ inside his unit, without independent access to food and supplies.

Battling a rare autoimmune disease that has significantly limited his mobility, Mr. McLeod’s daily life is already a daunting challenge.

When the only lift in his apartment complex malfunctioned on New Year’s Day and didn’t get fixed for 15 days, he became effectively trapped in his own home, unable to independently access essential necessities such as food, medication, and his rehabilitation program on his own. 

The Dilemma of Daily Life

Mr. McLeod’s condition necessitated creative solutions to meet his basic needs during the lift’s breakdown. 

The fire doors within the building were locked from the outside, as was the case on each floor to maintain security. As a result, a unique key was required to access each floor.

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In a resourceful move, Mr. McLeod had to enlist the help of friends and family to have access to a spare key, ensuring they could enter the building to deliver food and medications. The situation proved more challenging than many might imagine, coordinating the logistics of securing assistance from a number of people and ensuring they have building access.

A Lack of Accessibility and Cooperation

The challenges did not end with securing backup keys for friends and relatives. Attempting to facilitate the entry of ride-share drivers or food delivery workers proved nearly impossible. The absence of a coordinated plan left residents, like Mr. McLeod, reliant on the goodwill of their neighbours. 

The makeshift system was far from ideal, particularly for vulnerable individuals in the building who lacked a voice or the capacity to advocate for themselves.

The Call for Comprehensive Building Plans

As a result of the situation, residents have voiced the need for comprehensive plans in buildings to address the needs of vulnerable residents. A proactive approach involving body corporates and site managers could ensure the safety and well-being of individuals facing mobility challenges. 

Such plans could incorporate protocols for receiving deliveries, emergency evacuation procedures, and communication channels for residents and their families. 

The perceived lack of foresight in this regard has left Mr McLeod and other residents, including those over 70 and  those with young families, grappling with uncertainty and inconvenience.

As of press time, the lift company has indicated that repairs would be forthcoming. Whilst delays have been frustrating, the incident serves as a wake-up call for the importance of comprehensive planning in residential buildings.

Published 16-Jan-2024