Key Construction Milestone Achieved: Kangaroo Point Bridge Nears Completion with Final Span Installation

Kangaroo Point Bridge
Photo Credit: BrisbaneCityCouncil

The last 25-metre span weighing 100 tonnes has been securely installed, bringing Brisbane’s new Kangaroo Point Bridge to 85 per cent completion.

Construction crews achieved a major feat by positioning the final span using a crane from a nearby barge. This final installation marks a pivotal moment in the bridge’s construction, which spans a total length of 182.7 metres. The bridge is set to feature unique viewing platforms offering panoramic 360-degree views of the cityscape.

Brisbane City Council and the federal government jointly fund this project, which has entered its final stages. With the structural framework nearing completion, attention is turning to the remaining tasks including concreting the deck and installing balustrades, seating, and lighting.

Kangaroo Point Bridge
Photo Credit: BrisbaneCityCouncil

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner highlighted the bridge’s anticipated impact, stating that it could divert 84,000 cars from roads annually, potentially halving pedestrian travel times between Kangaroo Point, The Gabba Stadium, and the CBD. The project has generated over 1,400 construction jobs and once completed, it will be the second major pedestrian and cycle bridge opened in Brisbane this year.

Significant developments adjacent to the bridge include the installation of lifts and stairs at the Kangaroo Point landing and the nearing completion of an above-water restaurant. On the CBD side, efforts are underway to establish a riverside café and a welcoming plaza.

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Future Attractions and Dining Destinations

Upon its completion, the Kangaroo Point Bridge will serve as a crucial link between the CBD and Kangaroo Point and a vibrant hub of activity and leisure. The bridge’s design includes two exclusive dining venues offering unique experiences and stunning views of Brisbane’s riverscape.

Stilts Dining – An Elevated Experience: Positioned above the water, Stilts Dining pays tribute to Queensland’s architectural heritage by resembling a Queenslander home on stilts. This restaurant will offer a menu focused on locally sourced steaks and seafood, catering to both casual diners and those seeking a more formal atmosphere. With a private dining room available, Stilts Dining aims to provide a world-class culinary experience, enhanced by panoramic views of the CBD, Brisbane River, Story Bridge, and the Kangaroo Point Cliffs.

Stilts Dining
Photo Credit: BrisbaneCityCouncil

Mulga Bill’s – Riverside Café: Inspired by Banjo Patterson’s poetry, Mulga Bill’s will integrate the active transport theme of the bridge. This café will serve a variety of dishes including wood-fired pizzas and seafood, alongside quick grab ‘n go options such as pastries and coffee. Mulga Bill’s will also offer picnic boxes, perfect for enjoying in the surrounding parklands. Located at the city entrance to the City Botanic Gardens, this café will capitalize on its scenic location at the nexus of Edward and Alice streets meeting the Brisbane River.

Mulga Bill’s
Photo Credit: BrisbaneCityCouncil

These dining venues are part of Brisbane City Council’s vision to transform the Kangaroo Point Bridge into a must-visit destination.

The project aims to deliver a quintessentially Queensland experience, blending culinary delights with breathtaking views, thereby enhancing Brisbane’s appeal as a city that beautifully merges urban living with riverside charm.

Published 3-June-2024