Kangaroo Point’s Lamb House Close to Being Fully Restored to its Former Glory

lamb house
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To owners Steve and Jane Wilson, as the restoration of Lamb House in Kangaroo Point nears completion, the project has been a worthwhile one, with its share of pleasant surprises, such as the discovery of fairly intact, 100-year-old tiles under the bathroom floor; and challenging ones, such as managing ballooning costs that have gone past initial estimates.

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The Wilsons acquired the heritage-listed property for $12.75 million in 2021 and have since invested significant time and money into faithfully restoring the century-old home. 

The restoration is “progressing rapidly,” according to the couple, with just months to go before completion and their projected November 2023 move-in.

Lamb House
Photo credit: JDA Co/Facebook

A key focus of the renovation has been the preservation and replacement of the home’s original red cedar woodwork, an important architectural feature noted in the building’s heritage documentation. 

Lamb House
Photo credit: JDA Co/Facebook

Although the Wilsons have not revealed the total cost of the project, Mr Wilson acknowledged it has exceeded their initial budget, as construction costs have risen substantially in recent years.

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Among other surprises, when old bathroom tiles were removed, the couple discovered 100-year-old originals underneath, now replaced with new matching tiles.

In one update to the home, the Wilsons added an attic space by opening up the existing roof. They plan to install a leadlight window in the attic, covered by a hardened glass skywalk.

The driving philosophy behind the renovations has been to be pure to the soul of the house and the intent of the house. The couple enlisted the help of Chapman Builders and designers from James Davidson Architects (JDA Co) and Conrad Gargett to carry out the restoration.

After two years of waiting, the Wilson family is eager to finally move into the renewed Lamb House later this year.

History of Lamb House 

Lamb House, circa 1904 (Photo credit: John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland)

Lamb House, a heritage-listed villa located at 9 Leopard Street in Kangaroo Point, has fallen into disrepair after sitting vacant for several years. 

The grand home was originally designed by noted architect Alexander Brown Wilson and constructed in 1902 for John Lamb, co-owner of the successful Queen Street drapery business Edwards & Lamb. 

After John Lamb’s death in 1920, he left the business to his sons John and Frank, whilst the Lamb House property was passed on to his widow Sarah. Sarah continued living in the grand home with the Lamb children who never married.

Despite its rich history, Lamb House had become rundown from lack of use and maintenance and was unfortunately subjected to squatting at times. 

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In December 2020, the Brisbane City Council announced plans to sell the property in order to recover unpaid rates that had accumulated over multiple years, going against the wishes of the original owners. By May 2021, Lamb House was officially listed for sale.

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When Steve Wilson and his wife Jane purchased Lamb House in June 2021, they pledged to restore the historic home to its original grand condition as a way of honouring its heritage.

Published 8-August-2023