Lamb House Restoration Nears Completion

Closeup of Lamb House, Kangaroo Point

After two years of dedicated refurbishment, Jane and Steve Wilson are just months away from moving into the historic Lamb House, their meticulously restored riverside mansion in Kangaroo Point.

Lamb House, a historic federation home with stunning views of the Brisbane River, CBD, and Story Bridge, was originally built circa 1902-1903 for John Lamb, co-proprietor of the esteemed Queen Street store Edwards & Lamb.

When they acquired the house, the Wilsons knew that they had to race against time to save it from further decay. The collapse of the roof exposed the house to the elements, but their passion and determination gave the iconic residence a chance at a new breath of life.

Lamb House
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Throughout the restoration process, the Wilsons have displayed an unwavering commitment to preserving Lamb House’s historical charm. From meticulously restoring the red cedar wood, an integral part of the house’s heritage, to replacing stolen lead lights with carefully designed replicas, every detail has been given the utmost attention.

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The Wilsons say that they have put their hearts and souls into this undertaking. While adding contemporary accents for a comfortable lifestyle, they have gone above and beyond to preserve the spirit and mission of Lamb House.

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A stunning attic room has been added, but the house’s historic elements have been preserved, striking the ideal balance between respecting the past and embracing modern living.

Once complete, Lamb House will once again come alive, connecting Kangaroo Point’s past with its present.

Published 17-June-2023