Man’s Rescue from Drain in Kangaroo Point Leads to Dangerous Driving Allegations

Man Rescued from Drain in Kangaroo Point

Emergency services launched a rescue operation in Kangaroo Point after receiving reports of a man trapped in a stormwater drain. The operation was successful, but it has led to an investigation into allegations of dangerous driving in the same area. The incident was peculiar and unexpected.

The Rescue Operation

At around 11:00 a.m. on Monday, 24 March 2024,  at Castlebar Street in Kangaroo Point, emergency services responded to distress calls about a man stuck beneath a securely bolted drain cover. 

The Queensland Ambulance Service relayed that the individual in peril, in an attempt to retrieve a fallen phone, found himself entangled within the drain’s grip, estimating his confinement to be around 36 hours. 

Firefighters from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services rescued the man by prying open a drain cover. He was then transported to Mater Hospital, where he was reported to be in stable condition with minor injuries.

Connection to Dangerous Driving Incidents

The rescued man, a 38-year-old, is currently aiding police with investigations linked to two dangerous driving occurrences reported on Sunday morning. Reports alleged that he was a passenger in the vehicle involved in the crashes.

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Queensland Police Services detailed an incident involving a suspicious Ford Falcon that resulted in a collision with a police vehicle and another car, a Mitsubishi ASX, on Shafston Avenue.  The aftermath saw the Ford’s occupants fleeing on foot, leaving behind a trail of damage and minor injuries to the Mitsubishi’s driver.

The police are keen on gathering eyewitness accounts and examining CCTV footage to piece together the events.

Photo Credit: QPS/Facebook

Public Appeal for Information

In the wake of the rescue, a body corporate communication to residents of the nearby Castlebar Cove apartment complex highlighted plans to scrutinise CCTV footage for insights into how the individual accessed the drain. James Lingwood, a resident and witness to the event, recounted his interactions with the man before the rescue, reflecting a mix of concern and bewilderment at the unfolding drama.

As the investigation into the dangerous driving incidents progresses, police call upon the public to contribute any relevant information or footage that may assist in their enquiries. This appeal is part of a concerted effort to address and mitigate risks associated with reckless driving behaviours, ensuring the safety and well-being of the Kangaroo Point community. 

Published 26-March-2024