New $17-M Brisbane Ferry Terminal Marred by Inaccessible Rotting Boardwalk in Kangaroo Point

Kangaroo Point Dockside Ferry Terminal
Photo Credit: Google Maps

The newly inaugurated $17-million ferry terminal at Kangaroo Point has been rendered partially unusable due to a decaying boardwalk leading to the dock. Although the terminal itself is ready for travel, the adjoining boardwalk has been closed since May 2023 for safety reasons, making the terminal less accessible.

The Dockside Ferry Terminal reopens on Tuesday, 2 April 2024, and its regular CityHopper services set to resume on the same day. However, the rotting timber boardwalk between Cairns Street Drydock and Rotherham Street has prompted immediate calls for action and intervention. 

The Council has publicly voiced its concerns, highlighting the State Government’s ownership of the boardwalk and the critical need for repairs. A Council spokesperson stated that they have raised the need for urgent repairs to ensure the boardwalk’s accessibility and safety.

In response to the immediate danger posed to commuters, semi-permanent barriers have been erected at the new terminal’s entrance to prevent access to the unsafe sections of the boardwalk. 

Kangaroo Point Dockside Ferry Terminal
Photo Credit: CrTrinaMassey/Facebook

The issue has ignited frustration among Kangaroo Point residents, who pride themselves on their scenic riverside locality and the riverwalk, significantly enhancing its appeal. A collective letter from the community accused government agencies of neglect and failure to maintain this vital asset, citing years of ignored warnings about the boardwalk’s deteriorating condition. 

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The Department of Resources (DOR), after years of resident complaints and increasing injuries due to the boardwalk’s state, has only recently initiated action by issuing a safety notice to the lessee, Ken Allsop of Dockside Marina.

The Minister for the Department of Resources, Scott Stewart, acknowledged the public’s frustration, emphasising the expectation that the lessee adheres to safety obligations and that the department enforces these if compliance still needs to be met. The department has outlined a repair timeline expected to conclude late this year, although specifics remain undisclosed. 

Brisbane River Pty Ltd, Allsop’s company, confirmed ongoing consultations with stakeholders, suggesting an ongoing effort to resolve the boardwalk’s safety concerns.

Published 2-April-2024