See Stunning Time-Lapse Video as Kangaroo Point Green Bridge Construction Reaches New Heights

Kangaroo Point Green Bridge

The Kangaroo Point Green Bridge has reached a significant construction milestone, with the successful installation of the first four lower legs of the towering 95-metre, 270-tonne mast.

The landmark infrastructure project is scheduled to open in 2024 and promises to become one of the most iconic images in the city’s skyline. 

Photo Credit: Facebook/Cr Ryan Murphy

Originally budgeted at $190 million, the cost of the pedestrian bridge connecting Alice Street to Kangaroo Point has faced challenges due to global supply pressures, resulting in a recent revised estimate of $299 million. 

Photo Credit: Facebook/Cr Ryan Murphy

Despite the cost increases, the project has made significant progress, with over 240 metres of the bridge’s spans already in place, surpassing the halfway mark of its eventual 460-metre stretch across the Brisbane River. Brisbane City Council’s Transport Committee Head, Ryan Murphy, attributed the cost escalation to the prevailing market conditions. 

A timelapse video showcases the rapid progress of Brisbane’s newest green bridge project.

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“It will finally deliver a direct link between the CBD and Kangaroo Point, which has been talked about since the 1800s, taking 84,000 cars off our roads each year,” LM Adrian Schrinner said. 

“It will create a critical connection to the Gabba Stadium for AFL and cricket fans, concert-goers, and the tens of thousands of people from across the world who will visit our city during the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games,” he added.

The Kangaroo Point Green Bridge, part of a $550 million green bridge program, was initiated in 2019 and was crucial in addressing congestion and promoting public and active transport. However, challenges such as the 2022 floods and community opposition have led to the cancellation of some proposed bridges, leaving only two in progress. Last year’s floods also caused a delay in the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge’s opening date.

Once completed, the bridge is expected to accommodate over 6,000 pedestrians, cyclists, and e-mobility riders daily by 2036, leading to a significant reduction in cross-river car trips, aligning with the council’s vision for a more sustainable and accessible Brisbane.

Published 7-Oct-2023