New Building Proposed Near Two Heritage Sites in Kangaroo Point

A developer has submitted plans to build a contemporary, five-storey commercial building for 180 Main Street. The site is located near two heritage sites in Kangaroo Point — Carroll House and the Story Bridge.

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Plans (A005764320) lodged by Crete Investments Qld Pty Ltd ATF Raptis Property Trust No.2 indicates that the ground floor will be used to accommodate bar and centre activities whilst the remaining levels would be dedicated to commercial spaces.

The subject site is around 1.2 km away from the Story Bridge and a stone’s throw to a row of 1870s shops known collectively as “Carroll House.”


  • The subject site is near two heritage-listed sites: the Carroll House and the famous Story Bridge
  • The five-storey building will house a cafe/bar and commercial spaces
  • Proposed development is for a 662sq m site at 180 Main Street at Kangaroo Point

Aerial view of the subject location (Photo credit:
Carroll House (Photo credit:

Carroll House has continued to operate on this corner block for more than 130 years. Between 1878 and 1930, it operated as a general store, a butcher’s shop, and a grocer’s shop, most likely with the owners or lessees living in the residences above. In the 1930s, the shop underwent some alterations which still characterise much of the present facade.

According to the pre-lodgement minutes held in December 2020, the initial plans were not sympathetic enough to the heritage-listed Carroll House.

However, a report prepared by VAULT Heritage Consulting states that the development will not generate any adverse impacts on the cultural heritage significance attributed to either this locally significant, Colonial era commercial / residential complex of buildings or the iconic piece of transport infrastructure extant on the sites adjoining the subject site.

Story Bridge (Photo credit: Kgbo/Wikimedia Commons)

Designed by Jackson Teece, the building would have two basement levels, a ground floor cafe or bar and retail tenancy, and four floors of commercial space. The elevation would be similar to that of Story Bridge and another adjacent property. 

Architectural renderings prepared by Jackson Teece for the applicant (Photo credit:

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“It is suggested that this redevelopment proposal for the subject site should be favourably reviewed by Council in relation to the relevant provisions of the Heritage overlay code within City Plan 2014 and/or State code 14: Queensland heritage,” the report says.

Currently, vehicular access to the subject site is provided through the existing access points, with one being located on Wharf Street and one on Main Street. The proposed  development seeks to remove the existing crossovers and establish one new crossover on Wharf Street. The basement levels would also accommodate 23 car parking spaces, five motorbike spaces, and five bike spaces that would be accessible by the new crossover.