Kangaroo Point Construction Worker Accused Thefts Granted Bail With Conditions Amidst Disputed Evidence

Jarred Raymond Scott, a 34-year-old construction worker from Kangaroo Point who is facing multiple charges related to the alleged theft of bikes, e-scooters, and parcels from a Brisbane apartment complex, has been granted bail.

The accused appeared in Brisbane Arrest Court on Saturday, 7 Oct 2023, and was granted bail by Magistrate Julian Noud. He faced nine charges, including four counts of entering premises and committing an indictable offence, one count of entering premises with intent, one count of stealing, one count of unlawful possession of suspected stolen property, and two charges related to registration plate tampering. 

These charges stem from alleged offences occurring between late last year until the end of September 2023.

During the hearing, police prosecutor Sergeant Matt Kahler argued that Scott should remain in custody due to his prior history, including a suspended sentence and probation. Sgt Kahler also presented evidence that two stolen bicycles were discovered at Mr Scott’s residence on Connor St in Kangaroo Point.

CCTV footage showed a van stealing the two bikes from a Brisbane address on the night of 18 Sept 2023, though Sgt. Kahler could not definitively link Mr Scott to the van. 

Mr  Scott, who works part-time as a labourer for a carpenter and subcontracts for a friend’s company, earns approximately $900 a week. Legal Aid Queensland barrister Laura Rouse pointed out that several charges relied on CCTV footage, and it was unclear whether the individual seen in the footage was indeed the accused.

Rouse emphasised that there was “currently no evidence” to suggest that two e-scooters found at Scott’s apartment were stolen. She also argued that in relation to the charge of stealing two bicycles, police may consider downgrading the charge to receiving stolen property as the evidence did not conclusively connect Mr Scott to the van seen on CCTV.

Moreover, Mr Scott disputed some of the evidence presented against him. He claimed that the CCTV footage showing a man wearing a COVID-19 mask was not him and that he was seen with his own e-scooter, not one stolen from an alleged victim. However, police alleged that the masked individual had worn the “same clothing” as Scott in earlier footage where his face was visible.

Kangaroo Point
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Despite these disputes, Magistrate Noud granted Scott bail with conditions. Scott is required to report to the police at Dutton Park three times a week and must continue to reside at his Kangaroo Point home. Additionally, he is prohibited from contacting his ex-partner, Sarah Von Senden. 

The case is scheduled to return to Brisbane Magistrates Court on 1 Nov 2023, where further developments are expected.

Published 9-Oct-2023