Locals Concerned About Losing Green Space After Raymond Park Upgrades

“Save our green space!” Concerned that plans to upgrade Raymond Park will “disrupt the balance,” Kangaroo Point residents launched an online petition to express their objection over plans to upgrade the park and construct warm-up facilities for the 2032 Olympics.

An online petition was launched to urge decision-makers to ditch their plans for the park and instead redirect the funds to the Coorparoo Giffin Park precinct, where such a facility is needed.

Brisbane City Council wants to upgrade fields being used by the Kangaroo Point Rovers and the Brisbane City Quidditch Club to serve as Olympic training ground and will invest $287,000 for the project.

The petition said that the park provides “a mix of community sport, open space, family recreation and barbecue facilities” which balance would be disrupted if plans for Raymond Park upgrade push through.

Concerns were also raised that a facility of Olympic standard would require more space than the park could provide, thus resulting in possible land resumption to accommodate the project.

Instead, the proposal suggests that funds be redirected to Coorparoo Giffin Park. The petition also highlighted several benefits to investing in the Coorparoo Giffin Park precinct for Olympics training purposes.

According to the petition, the facilities will be built where they are needed and the proposed solution would benefit local schools and sporting clubs. It added that Coorparoo Giffin Park precinct would also benefit economically by way of renting out these facilities for Olympic and other events, among other benefits to the government and Coorparoo locals.

“The importance of this green space was highlighted during and now post COVID, where we’ve seen an increase in the use of the park and its facilities by the local community. Inner city green space is rare, and vital to the liveability and mental health of local residents,” the online petition explained.

“Raymond park represents 49% of the available green space in Kangaroo Point, and without this, we fall well below the BCC required green space of .8ha per 1000 residents. We have to speak up now to preserve this vital green space for our local residents and future generations.”