Gardens Point Boat Harbour Moorings To Be Removed For Kangaroo Point’s New Green Bridge

Around 30 boat moorings will have to be removed from the Gardens Point Boat Harbour to facilitate the construction of Kangaroo Point Green Bridge in late 2021.

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Starting 31 March 2022, all existing users of the moorings are required to vacate the site to minimise private vessel movements in close proximity to construction activities. Council is no longer issuing mooring consents to new vessels not currently moored at the Gardens Point Boat Harbour, including for overnight or short-term visits.


  • The existing moorings at the Gardens Point Boat Harbour will be removed to facilitate the construction of the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge
  • All existing users should vacate the site by March 2022

Harbour facilities, including moorings of various sizes, oars locker, toilet/shower facilities, and laundry will remain available to existing mooring users only. Whilst this will end a long tradition of houseboats and visitors on the Gardens Point Boat Harbour, the moorings had to be removed for the safe construction of the green bridge. 

Ryan Murphy, Councillor for Chandler ward and chair of the public and active transport committee explained that the moorings were originally designed for short-term moorings for visitors to Brisbane. The Council also assured they will continue to work closely with existing users of the moorings to understand their individual circumstances and manage the impacts of the change in access.

The Gardens Point Boat Harbour, located adjacent to the City Botanic Gardens in the CBD, is one of the two boat mooring facilities on the Brisbane River offered by the Council for residents, visitors and commercial operators. The other one in Breakfast Creek has 42 moorings.

About the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge

Artist’s impression of the Main St and Deakin St connection to the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge (Photo credit:

Kangaroo Point Green Bridge, estimated to cost around $190 million, is one of the five new green bridges planned across Brisbane. It will have a navigational clearance height of 12.7 metres, which is the same as the Captain Cook Bridge.

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“This bridge height is required in order to provide an accessible gradient that meets the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) and removes the need for excessive ramping at each landing point,” stated the Council.

“A higher bridge would result in steeper grades towards the Alice Street landing in the Brisbane CBD, which would not meet DDA requirements,” Council added.

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BCC is preparing for the construction stage following an extensive procurement process in June 2021. Depending on weather and construction conditions, the bridge is expected to be completed by late 2023.