Christian Jacques Artisan Boulanger Delivers a Taste of France in Brisbane

The Christian Jacques Artisan Boulanger in Kangaroo Point has earned a reputation for its dedication to traditional French techniques, creating pastries and bread that transport the taste buds to the charming streets of France.

With a rich legacy and unwavering commitment to traditional techniques, this boulanger has become synonymous with artisanal excellence. 

The bakery’s signature croissants undergo a meticulous two-day fermentation process, featuring the finest French butter. This dedication sets them apart, infusing each croissant with a unique blend of flavours, textures, and delicate layers.

Within this artisanal haven, an array of delectable treasures awaits. The store prides itself on elevating baking to a noble science, crafting baked goods that transcend the ordinary. 

Christian Jacques Bakery
Photo Credit: Christian Jacques Bakery/Facebook

Diving deeper into their menu unveils a myriad of delights, from classic almond croissants to innovative croissant flavours like Nutella, coconut, chocolate, and goat cheese. 

Christian Jacques Bakery
Photo Credit: Christian Jacques Bakery/Facebook

Whilst the bakery doesn’t serve coffee and offers limited seating, patrons find these inconveniences insignificant when compared to the quality of their pastries. The limited seating hardly dampens the enthusiasm of those seeking to enjoy their treats on the go.

Customers have showered this bakery with accolades, hailing their croissants as the “best in Brisbane” and even rivalling those from France. 

Beyond croissants, their repertoire includes an array of bread, fruit Danishes, eclairs, raspberry tarts, mille-feuille, and mini quiche lorraines.

Owner and baker Christian Jacques, hailing from Nîmes, France, draws inspiration from family heirloom recipes. His approach blends tradition with modern insights.

Christian Jacques
Photo Credit: Christian Jacques Bakery/Facebook

Operating from Wednesday to Sunday, with doors opening at 6:00 a.m. and closing at 1:00 p.m., this bakery caters to early risers. To secure your coveted croissant, arriving early, especially on weekends when they can sell out by 9:00 a.m. is advisable. For those seeking assurance, pre-ordering is a wise choice.

Photo Credit: Christian Jacques Bakery/Facebook

“We loved Christian Jacques Bakery. With such positive reviews, we knew we had to stop in for a visit. We took the Goat Cheese & Bacon croissant, the Ham & Cheese croissant, and the Apricot danish home with us to try. They were all well folded, buttery, and delicious. The prices were expected with such gourmet pastries. They are truly a bread and pastry shop. We will be back for more!”

Makenzie Robinson

I was on a sunday morning walk at Kangguru point, didn’t know this bakery before but everyone at kangguru point and nearby was like carrying CJ 😅 almost everyone at the park was sitting and enjoyin their croissant etc so it made me fomo and try haha. The croissant tasted so good, so professional. I cant even describe it… I think this is the best croissant that i have tried so far! The price is starting from $9 aud-ish but its worth it! Must stop by and try!

Windy Rizki

Hands down best croissants and baguettes Brisbane can offer. My only remark is for the sweet pastries – they are too sweet. Let’s help Australia in its fight with diabetes and cut the amount of sugar you put in them. Other than that – magnifique.

Anton Baranowski

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Published 24-Jan-2024