Shows Before The Zoo Shuts Its Doors on July 8th

As the iconic Brisbane music venue The Zoo shuts its doors for the final time on July 8th, music fans are being treated to a stacked lineup of shows spanning genres and artists from around the world. It’s a bittersweet farewell for The Zoo, which has been a launchpad for local acts and a must-stop destination for international touring bands for decades.

The venue is going out with a bang, with names like Kirin J Callinan, Ball Park Music, British India, Donny Benet, Cheap Fakes, Bad Dad Orchestra, Lithe, and Closure in Moscow gracing the Zoo’s hallowed stage.

International acts are also getting in on the farewell festivities, with legendary American metal band Cirith Ungol making their first and last appearance in Australia, and genre-defying San Francisco band Deerhoof supporting their new album Miracle Level.

In true Zoo fashion, the venue is representing all corners of the musical map in its final weeks, from the Taylor Swift tribute show Reputation to Thai pop stars Ham Tua and Meena Intira to Kendrick Lamar covers from The JP Collective. Beloved local figures like Katie and Tyrone Noonan are even playing a special performance of their 2002 album Polyserena.

It’s a diverse and stacked calendar befitting of The Zoo’s iconic legacy. Music fans would be wise to make the trip to Ann Street sometime in the next seven weeks to experience the magic one last time. Because after July 8th, the Brisbane scene will be a little quieter without this beloved haunt.

Between You & Me – Sh!t Yeah tour (w/ Towns)

Saturday 25th May

Banks Arcade – Death 2 A Muse tour (w/ Earth Caller, Closure, and Heartline)

Sunday 26th May

Cirith Ungol – for the first and last time in Australia! (w/ Night Demon)

Wednesday 29th May

Reputation: The Ultimate Taylor Swift Show (w/ Ella & Sienna (The Voice 2022)

Thursday 30th May

Alice Phoebe Lou – SOLD OUT (w/ special guests)

Friday 31st May

Closure in Moscow (w/ HARTS and Toehider)

Saturday 1st June

Underscores (w/ special guests)

Sunday 2nd June

Unleash the Archers (w/ Firestorm and Revenger)

Saturday 8th June

ZOOLOVE – presented by Joc Curran

Friday 7th June

Alain Johannes (w/ special guests)

Wednesday 12th June

Deerhoof – Miracle Level tour (w/ special guests)

Friday 14th June

Donny Benet – Infinite Desires tour (w/ special guests)

Saturday 15th June

Kendrick Lamarr performed by The JP Collective (feat. music from Good Kid Mad City, To Pimp A Butterfly, DAMN, and more)

Sunday 16th June

British India – Threshold American tour (w/ special guests)

Friday 21st June

Lithe – What Would You Do tour (w/ special guests)

Saturday 22nd June

Katie and Tyrone Noonan – playing Polyserena in full! (w/ Jack Carty)

Sunday 23rd June

Narrow Head (w/ special guests)

Monday 24th June

Club Angel (w/ Kelbin)

Friday 28th June

Pierce Brothers (w/ Flynn Curry)

Saturday 29th June

Alice Ivy – Do What Makes You Happy tour (w/ special guests)

Friday 5th July

Sly Withers – Everything tour (w/ Smol Fish and Talk Heavy)

Saturday 6th July

Published 24-May-2024

Frida Kahlo’s Summer House Closes Abruptly

With a heavy heart, Kangaroo Point says goodbye to a suburb favourite, as Frida Kahlo’s Summer House closes its doors, another casualty of the increasing troubles that have plagued the hospitality industry.

In the face of rising expenses and after what seemed like a relentless struggle against lockdowns, staff shortages, and a sluggish economy, Frida Kahlo’s Summer House can take no more.

In 2022, even the nearby Medley cafe/restaurant had to close temporarily due to its inability to fill crucial staff positions.

Owner Diego Rodriguez says he has poured his heart and soul into the business for over two years. But the burden of mounting debt and soaring Covid-related challenges became overwhelming.

Sky-high food prices and outrageous wages further compounded the struggle. Despite the restaurant’s efforts to attract customers, there just wasn’t enough resources to stay afloat.

To loyal patrons, the Summer House was more than just a place to eat. It was a vibrant sanctuary where locals found respite and indulgence.

Photo Credit: Frida Kahlo’s Summer House/Facebook

The restaurant’s bold and bright decor paid homage to Frida Kahlo’s iconic artwork and her legendary “La Casa Azul” in Mexico City. It was a slice of cultural paradise nestled between the tranquil riverwalk and the magnificent Story Bridge.

Published 28-May-2023