St Mary’s Anglican Church to Benefit from Community Sustainability Action Grant

The eastern gable wall of St Mary’s Anglican Church at Kangaroo Point will have a brand new look, as it will be repainted with the help of the Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane.

Known for providing residential and personal care across Australia, the Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane is among the recipients of the Queensland Government’s Community Sustainability Action Grant.

The corporation has acquired a total of $32,410 in fundings to repaint St Mary’s eastern gable wall, which are the vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends of its gable roof. They are among the 30 recipients of the $940,000 grant, which aims to protect the state’s important heritage places.

In addition to this, they also received $12,300 for the Conservation Management Plan of St. Mark’s Anglican Church in Warwick, another $30,140 for the repair of walls and roof in Milton, and $23,600 to reduce structural damage at the Old Bishopsbourne building at St Francis College in Milton.

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Built in 1873 by Alfred Grant to a design by diocesan architect Richard G Suter, St Mary’s Anglican Church at Kangaroo Point is a neo-Gothic style church. The gable roof, originally timber shingled, is now in ribbed galvanized iron. It is surmounted by a small stone bellcote at the front gable.

The Anglican Church building, one of the visual and historical landmarks in Kangaroo Point, was entered in the Queensland Heritage Register 21 October 1992.

About the Community Sustainability Action Grant

This round of funding is part of the Government’s $18 million Community Sustainability Action Grants Program, which helps conserve Queensland’s environment and heritage and protect wildlife.

“Heritage places are an important aspect of the community’s character and identity and they allow us to trace our history and feel connected to the important stories about our past,” Minister for Environment and the Arts Leeanne Enoch said in a media statement. 

To date, a total of over of $9 million has been allocated to 264 projects under the Community Sustainability Action grant program.