Free Parking! Brisbane Turns Off Parking Meters to Help Businesses Bounce Bank

Around 7,869 parking meters across Brisbane, including Kangaroo Point, have been turned off temporarily so that motorists may take advantage of free parking when they visit various establishments to conduct their businesses. 

Two major carparks in the city, specifically the Wickham Terrace and King George Square in the city, are also offering parking at discounted rates.

Council launched the free parking service in Brisbane beginning Wednesday, 9 Feb. 2022, which will be in place indefinitely. The discounted parking rates at Wickham Terrace and King George Square, on the other hand, will be good until the end of February. 

This is in addition to the 15-minute free parking rule that applies in car spaces in Brisbane, including Kangaroo Point.

Photo Credit: Google Maps 

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner timed the turning off of parking meters during the re-opening of the new school term to attract more people to Brisbane’s major business and shopping centres. The mayor said that this will ensure establishments can survive and continue to employ staff members, which in turn will help the economy recover from the pandemic. 

Mr Schrinner hopes that the people will be encouraged to go out, venture in a bit of retail therapy, or dine at restaurants. However, Cr Andrew Wines of the Infrastructure Committee, said that street parking will continue to have its limits thus motorists cannot overstay and parking officers will be checking these limits. 

Per the Council, “In a 2P Meter 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday to Friday zone, customers can park for a maximum time of up to two hours then must remove their vehicle from the zone. Customers that overstay the parking limit may receive a fine.” 

Download the Parking Guide to Brisbane to find useful information about paid parking, parking restrictions, special use parking and other issues.