High-Rise Development Sparked Protest Amid Concerns About “Over-Development” in Kangaroo Point

Residents protest over a proposed high-rise development on Lambert St, which raised concerns about over-development in Kangaroo Point.

The proposed 15-storey development has sparked a protest on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 as dozens of protesters, along with Member for South Brisbane Jackie Trad, expressed their opposition to the proposed skyscraper.


A three-tower, 10-storey development, 200-unit on 108 Lambert St was approved by the council in July 2020. The developers, however, submitted an updated application in early September seeking an additional five storeys and additional 100 units to “align the proposed development with the current neighbourhood plan and the associated community expectations.”

Ms Trad said that she objected to the neighbourhood plan that allowed buildings of up to 15-storeys to be built in the area. Under the Kangaroo Point Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan — an amendment that was incorporated into the Brisbane City Plan 2014 last February 2020 — developments of up to 15 storeys high are allowed.

Protesters described the proposed development as a “vertical cruise ship,” that would destroy their quality of life and their amenity. They slammed the development stating that it will increase noise and air pollution in the area, as well traffic congestion. 

“The revised proposal presents stronger grounds for concern due to its scale and is completely incongruous with Brisbane City Council’s declared goal to secure and enhance Brisbane’s ‘clean and green’ credentials / reputation. Continuing to allow such high-density and environmentally insensitive developments in our city is not in our community’s short or long-term interest or in touch with our expectations.” – submission  14/10/2020

“The 3 pre-1911 homes on Lambert St should not be moved to other locations. They should be valued and treated like the historic homes on the corner of Cairns St and Lambert Streets which add to a sense of community and heritage history for the area.” submission 13/10/2020

“The reason we object to the development is the additional levels on the property will impact the sun-shadow places on the surrounding properties. This impacts the temperature and natural light on the existing buildings. This affects peoples [sic] mental health if they do not receive natural sunlight.” submission 11/10/2020