Rehabilitation Works Underway for CT White Park Lookout

In an aim to improve safety for pedestrians in Kangaroo Point and extend the life of C.T. White Park Lookout, Brisbane City Council has launched a rehabilitation project for the structure.

The works will involve installing rock armour scour protection around the structure support piles to protect from future erosion. 

According to council, majority of the construction works will be undertaken from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm, Monday to Saturday. Sunday works may also be undertaken where tide conditions are favourable. 

BCC noted that the works will only affect the ‘jetty’ platform off the main Riverwalk, so pedestrians will still have full access to the main Riverwalk along C.T. White Park during construction.

There will be no visible difference to the lookout structure after the work is complete because it will be carried out under the surface of the water.

Works already started in June 2019 and depending on weather and construction conditions, the project should be complete by August 2019.

For more information about the C.T. White Park Lookout rehabilitation project, visit the Brisbane City Council website.

About CT White Park Lookout

CT White Park Lookout structure is a ‘jetty’ platform that comes off the main Riverwalk located approximately 200 metres south along the boardwalk from the Thornton Street ferry terminal.

It is one of the many features of the 1.88 hectare CT White Park, which is the starting point of the Kangaroo Point Natural History Trail. 

The park was named in 1950 after Mr Cyril Tennyson White, an early Government Botanist who resided in Main Street Kangaroo Point. 

It is located at 22 Bright Street and features boardwalk and jetties, ferry terminal, picnic area/shelter, playgrounds, shared pathway, toilet, water and bike rack.