Eight-Storey, 81-Unit Residential Tower Soon to Rise on Lytton Road

Plans to build an 8-storey, 81-unit residential tower on Lytton Road in East Brisbane have been approved, amidst some opposition from locals, and on-site construction works could commence in late 2022.

The residential development will soon rise at 89 Lytton Road in East Brisbane. To make way for the development, all existing structures and crossovers on the site will be removed. Plans were approved in July 2022.

Artist impression, Colonnade West view
Artist impression, Colonnade West view  | Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council / developmenti.brisbane.qld.gov.au

Designed by DKO Architecture, the eight-storey residential tower will house 81 dwelling units comprising 55 two-bedroom, and 26 three-bedroom units across seven liveable levels. The ground floor will have two retail tenancies, a 171sqm shop and a 62sqm food and drink outlet as well as a residential gym and wellness centre and community space.

A 394-sqm rooftop communal space will also be provided along with a pool, BBQ, outdoor dining space and shade seating area.

Artist impression, Heidelberg Street facade
Artist impression, Heidelberg Street facade | Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council / https://developmenti.brisbane.qld.gov.au

A total of 195 car parking spaces will be provided spread across two basement levels and a partial ground level including 162 residential, 21 residential visitors and 12 centre activity visitors. Moreover, bicycle parking spaces are also included in the plan comprising 81 spaces for residents and 21 for visitors.

Community Submissions

Some locals, however, are not happy with the proposed development which attracted 57 submissions. Issues concerning car parking, the height of the development, traffic congestion, loss of community access and safety of residents were raised.

“If it goes ahead in its current form it will be a nightmare for the residents living in the surrounding streets, and traffic and parking congestion will be made even worse than what it currently is.” – Anonymous

“…my main concern is the proposed 200 cars which will transit in this street. This is would be a real and significant impact for my neighbours and I. Northcote St already has many cars parked on both sides of the street at most times of the day. Currently the property has access via both Northcote and Heidelberg Sts. This must be addressed.” – Anonymous

“The proposed removal of the Heidelberg street access is a mistake as it will push unacceptable levels of traffic into the backstreet of East Brisbane due to the nature of only a left in/out of Northcote street to Lytton road.” – Anonymous

“The building adds no improvement or new amenities to the area. Previously the site had retail, including specialty, bakery, newsagent, post office, café and supermarket.” – Anonymous

“Having 2 large 8 storey buildings with entry and exit across the road from each other on a narrow street with chicanes is unacceptable and will significantly impact the safety of people who reside on Northcote Street.” – Anonymous

Developer’s Statements

In their submitted documents, the developer said that “pedestrians are able to move freely along the site’s frontage to Lytton Road and connect through to Heidelberg and Northcote Streets via either stairs or ramps.”

As for the traffic it will generate, they said that “the road network analysis confirms that it is reasonable to assume that the additional traffic generated by the proposed development will have negligible impact on the surrounding road network.”

“The site benefits from a high frequency public transport options including buses along Lytton Road and Heidelberg Street and the Mowbray Park Ferry Terminal. The site is also well serviced by existing active transport options including pedestrian footpaths and paved off-road cycle routes.”

“The proposed development has been carefully designed to ensure it achieves a maximum building height of 8 storeys, in compliance with AO1.2 and Table of the Kangaroo Point South Neighbourhood Plan Code,” the assessment report said.

Mosaic Property acquired the 2,653-sqm property for $11.25 million and plans to commence construction by the end of 2022. The approval of the proposal comes as Mosaic sells another East Brisbane project on Wellington Road. Seven new development projects across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast are also in the pipeline for 2022.