Holey Moley Opens 2nd Brisbane Mini Golf Bar in Wintergarden

Holey Moley is opening another location in Brisbane, three years after the first mini golf bar launched in Fortitude Valley. The new site, which will feature nine crazy golf course holes, will be at the Wintergarden and will begin operations on Friday, the 29th of Nov 2019.

There are no windmills nor castles at Holey Moley Wintergarden’s zany course, much like its other venues.  Instead, you’ll have to putt your way through some pretty challenging, bizarre but ridiculously fun holes featured with pop culture references and a maze of multi-sensory attractions. 

Photo credit: holeymoleygolf/Instagram

No holes are the same at every Holey Moley outlet. At the Wintergarden site, some of these amusements take their names from popular movie and cultural icons. The Hole 9 & 3/4, for example, takes inspiration from Harry Potter, whilst Ferris Wheeler’s Day Off, which set up with a Ferris wheel and a popcorn machine, is named after that famous Matthew Broderick film.

Try Drop It Like It’s Slot with its loopy slot machine, or Hop, Skip and a Gump, which brings chocolate surprises, you’ll never know what you’re going to get. The Makin’ It Rain would easily be the room to try for anyone as this one’s filled with flying money.

Photo credit: holeymoleygolf/Instagram

Even if you don’t plan on scoring a birdie at the greens, Holey Moley is still worth a visit if only for the food and drinks at the Caddyshack full-service bar. It’s a total par tee as you indulge in easy favourites like pizza, burgers, mac ‘n’ cheese, chicken wings, hotdogs and fries. Gulp your food down with a few drinks, which are concocted as outlandish as the golf course. 

Photo Credit: Holey Moley Golf Club/Facebook

Whilst Holey Moley Wintergarden won’t be open until the end of November, you can now book your group dates ahead and in time for the holiday season. The venue will also have a karaoke room, a wonderfully entertaining activity for getting everyone into the swing.

Holey Moley Wintergarden is off-limits to unaccompanied and unsupervised guests under 18 years old by 8:00 p.m. due to the liquor license.