Kerbside Collection Kangaroo Point: How To Turn Trash Into Treasure

Kerbside collection is here once again to help residents remove large items from their homes. For those getting ready for this year’s scheduled collection for Kangaroo Point on 27 January 2020, you might want to sort all your stuff and prepare them the weekend before the collection date.

But if you have stuff that can still be reused or upcycled, you can still turn them into a treasure that you or another person can hold dear by putting them into good use or giving them a second life. Below are some tips on how to deal with large unwanted items instead of putting them on the kerbside for collection.

Find them a new home

Some stuff ready for kerbside collection can actually be used and appreciated by people, so it would be wise to donate still-useable household items. If you don’t know where to start, GIVIT and The National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations Inc. (NACRO) can help. 

GIVIT can connect you to charities or organisations who might benefit from a certain item, like an old washing machine, bicycle, and even sports equipment. Charities registered with GIVIT have access to their Virtual Warehouse. For donations, all you have to do is submit the relevant details of your item/s along with a corresponding photo through their website. 

NACRO enables charities to maximise their financial returns from their recycling and retail operations, in order to uphold their charitable mission and purpose. NACRO does this by enlisting support from governments, facilitating the exchange of information and developing the operations of members to position them for sustainability, success and growth.

Sell them online

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There are Facebook groups where you can buy, sell, or trade furniture. Do note, however, that each group has its own rules, especially when it comes to payment arrangements so better read them first before posting. For instance, there are groups that only allow members to bump a maximum number of items in a 24-hour period. This makes it fair for everyone to have a fair chance at bumping their items also without one person flooding the walls.


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Turn trash into treasure by upcycling them. It’s not only good for the planet, but it will also save you money from buying a new household item. If you have an old surfboard, transform it into towel rack, like this DIY project

It’s perfect for any surfer or beach themed home. Or if you have an old coffee table, spruce it up by repainting it and adding some interesting details like this amazing makeover.