Paralympian Karni Liddell Pleads for Help After Mobility Vehicle Stolen Again from Kangaroo Point Home

Paralympic swimmer and disability advocate Karni Liddell is pleading for more community support after her specially designed mobility vehicle was stolen from a secure parking area in Kangaroo Point.

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This is the second time in nine months that Liddell has been targeted by thieves. Back in October 2022, two men stole her accessible car and discarded her electric wheelchair onto the road. 

This latest incident occurred around 11:30 p.m. on 22 July, when an unidentified white male between the ages of 25-35 stole Liddell’s mobility trike from her house’s basement parking area.

“I’m numb, I feel violated and unsafe but I’m ok and thanks so much for your messages of support,” said Liddell in a social media post

Photo credit: Karni Liddell/Facebook

“There are so many expensive, resellable, unsecure or less secure bikes in the basement and everyone involved with this case is baffled as to why he targeted and stole my disability trike in which he didn’t have a key for, so it would have been manual, super heavy and practically impossible to ride, unsellable and uncool.”

Some women’s jeans and a skateboard were even left behind at the scene. Liddell confirmed DNA has been taken from the skateboard.

Liddell relies on the custom mobility vehicle to safely navigate the hilly Kangaroo Point neighbourhood. But after this latest incident, she says she will need to rely on others for basic tasks.

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The community came together to support Liddell after her mobility device was stolen. Many offered kind words of empathy, hoping her device would be found and returned soon. Others generously volunteered their time and effort to assist in the search for Liddell’s stolen mobility vehicle.

This latest theft has Liddell calling for more community support and interventions for at-risk youth. Liddell hopes this incident will raise awareness about the challenges faced by people with disabilities and spur discussions on how to better support vulnerable community members.

Published 26-July-2023