Hundreds Of Employees Impacted By Dockside Marina Eviction Order

Hundreds of jobs are at risk after a dozen of small businesses in Kangaroo Point’s Dockside Marina have been told to vacate the marina berths due to ‘leasing irregularities.’ 

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The eviction notice comes from the State Government, which states that businesses, such as Prawnster, Brisbane Jet Skis, GoBoat and Yot Club only have until 4 March 2022 to find a new location. Otherwise, they could risk closing for good, with around 400 staff losing their jobs. 

The Dockside Marina is leased by the Queensland Government to private companies, under an ongoing lease. However, the first condition of the lease is that it would only be used for residential boats, but there is a commercial vessel serving out of the Marina.

Wayne Miller, owner and operator at Aquarius Charters, launched a petition in hopes of saving the hospitality industry in Brisbane River.

Photo credit: Dockside Marina/Google Maps

“Being evicted with nowhere to go is not something we want to face after surviving the onslaught of Covid. Staff will lose their jobs and personal bankruptcy looms,” Miller stated.

“With the Olympics on our doorstep visitors to Brisbane will be crying out for river venues. Every other city supports their marine hospitality industry except Brisbane and we have the best river in all the cities,” he added.

Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Pat Weir, who met with small business owners and their staff earlier in February, said Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and her Resources Minister should act now as these businesses are already going through a difficult time. 

Photo credit: Greg Van Ryt/Google Maps

“They need to either fix the leasing issue by amending one clause, allowing these operators continuity of trade, like they have done for over 17 years. Or they must find another suitable location for these operators to relocate to,” Mr Weir said.

Gabba Ward councillor Jonathan Sri, whose electorate takes in the marina, highlighted that if commercial activities at the Dockside Marina are formalised, this will likely lead to higher rents being charged for the berths, which in turn would lead to residential boat tenants being displaced in favour of more restaurant and party boats.