New Pedestrian & Cycle Underpass to be Built in Kangaroo Point

Plans have been announced to build a new pedestrian and cycling underpass passing through openings cut into both sidewalls of the Story Bridge, to link Main Street and Deakin Street in Kangaroo Point.

The underpass will form part of the larger Kangaroo Point Green Bridge project that aims to enhance active transportation options in the area.

The underpass will feature separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as an accessible viewing area. The walls of the underpass will showcase illustrative panels depicting the rich history of the Story Bridge, adding an educational element to the project.

“To deliver this new connection we have cut openings into both sidewalls of the Story Bridge, with the walls delicately removed piece by piece. We now have daylight streaming through both sides of the underpass, lighting up a space that has never previously been accessible to the public,” LM Adrian Schrinner shared.

To make way for the underpass, certain modifications will also be carried out, including the relocation of utility services, floor drainage, surface levelling, and the installation of a partition wall to separate the existing council depot. It is crucial to note that the underpass will be created without compromising the integrity of the Story Bridge structure.

Kangaroo Point underpass
Photo Credit: BCC

“This underpass is a critical project that will connect the Kangaroo Pointt Green Bridge landing at Scott Street to the wider active transport network in Kangaroo Point and the eastern suburbs,” LM Schrinner said. “It also represents a connection between Brisbane’s most iconic landmark of the last century and the future world-class landmark linking the city centre and Kangaroo Point Peninsula.”

Photo Credit: BCC

The underpass is expected to significantly improve pedestrian, cycling, and e-mobility movements in the area. The council’s planners and engineers have identified the gap in the bridge as an ideal location for the new link, ensuring a convenient and accessible connection for residents and visitors alike.

The importance of sustainable construction practices was further highlighted in the proposed project, with approximately 95% of the concrete sections removed from the bridge to be recycled and repurposed within other areas of the city, reducing waste and promoting environmental stewardship.

Kangaroo Point Underpass
Photo Credit: BCC

“With the Olympics and Paralympic Games on the horizon, there is a need for a convenient ongoing connection that would be able to link walkers and riders heading from The Gabba to the CBD,” he added.

The underpass is projected to become a popular route, with an estimated 2,800 daily trips expected to pass through it by 2041. This will provide a much-needed alternative to the existing underpass at Thornton Street, which is not accessible due to the presence of stairs.

The underpass project is currently in the planning phase, with detailed information and images available on the Brisbane City Council website for interested individuals to review and provide feedback.

Published 13-June-2023