LFL Stars Build Start-Up, Wakka Games, to Promote Pool Safety with Pool Angel

Wakka Games is a Kangaroo Point start-up founded by former US Legends Football League stars Quincy Hewitt, 34, and Jayne Caldwell, 29. Best friends and business partners, the two believe that the facial recognition app Pool Angel should be installed across public pools and beaches across the country.

Quincy and Jayne have partnered with Adam Wilson, a Sydney-based electrical engineer, who built Pool Angel, a camera with artificial intelligence capabilities specifically designed to prevent drowning. The product launched nationwide in May 2021.

The device has a system that can do facial recognition to warn parents or surf lifesavers when something is wrong in the pool area. Pool Angel works like an extra pair of eyes that alerts users of potential dangers in the pool on their mobile phones.


  • Quincy Hewitt and Jayne Caldwell founded the start-up Wakka Games in Kangaroo Point to help app and content creators.
  • They are partners of Pool Angel, the app and device that works to prevent drowning.
  • Pool Angel launched nationwide in May 2021.

“By using the latest in camera technology, hardware, and our deep learning algorithm, we are able to define people, pets, objects, and areas. This allows us to create an early warning system, giving you time to respond to any possible situation such as child safety. Warnings will be relayed via the app on your mobile phone and by sounding an alarm.”

Photo Credit: Jan Haerer/Pixabay

Quincy and Jayne said that Adam’s invention could bring peace of mind to parents and save many lives, especially when drowning is the leading cause of injury and death in kids below three years old. Wakka Games will also help Pool Angel improve its tech solutions and digital marketing. 

Jayne, who is from Brisbane, has been passionate about technology all her life. She founded Wakka Games with Quincy, who is from New Zealand, after they both retired from the popular women’s tackle football games in the U.S.

Wakka Games
Photo Credit: Jayne Caldwell/Facebook

Together, the pair has a vision to help creators make their app ideas a reality. Both former athletes are also working with other gaming and streaming content creators.

To learn more about Pool Angel, follow the company’s Facebook Page. For app developers and creators, check out Wakka Games.