Kangaroo Point’s Iconic Silverwells South Changes Hands Again

The heritage-listed Silverwells South house in Kangaroo Point has been sold at auction after being listed on the market last month.

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The iconic duplex, dubbed as possibly the oldest residential building remaining at Kangaroo Point, was purchased for an undisclosed price after previously being listed in 2020 for $5.5 million.

With around 170 years of history behind it, Silverwells South is considered a prized real estate gem. The property, located at 267 Main Street, was handled by Place Estate Agents and described in the listing as “a true icon in the heart of the city.”

Photo credit: eplace.com.au

Renovations have honoured the home’s heritage whilst upgrading amenities. Kauri pine floors, 4-metre high ceilings, and crystal chandeliers reflect the grace of a bygone era. A wine cellar, glass-enclosed atrium, and spacious open-plan interior represent contemporary style and function.

Photo credit: eplace.com.au

The new owners acquire both a piece of Brisbane history and a luxurious inner-city residence. Place Estate Agents said buyer interest was strong for the rare opportunity to own “the perfect house alternative” at Silverwells South. Its alluring blend of old and new is sure to capture the imagination of future residents.

About Silverwells South

Photo credit: Queensland Heritage Register

Although the precise construction date is unknown, records indicate Silverwells South was likely built sometime between the 1860s and 1870s for Joseph Thompson, a prominent Sydney merchant who acquired multiple properties in Kangaroo Point. It is one of just two Georgian-style homes believed to be commissioned by Thompson in the area during this period.

As a rare Brisbane example of semi-detached brick housing in Georgian fashion, Silverwells South stands out from Queensland’s architectural norms of that era, when such duplexes were more prevalent in Sydney. The home is prominently featured in a photograph of Kangaroo Point from the mid-1870s, narrowing down its completion to sometime prior.

Ownership stayed in the Thompson family until 1902, when it passed to William Mann Thompson. He later subdivided the land, with the southern Silverwells house converted to a rental property from the 1930s to 1950s. The home was officially heritage listed in 1992 as an exemplar of Queensland’s historical development.

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Major renovations were undertaken in 2008 to incorporate modern amenities whilst retaining the original 19th century structure. This synthesis of old and new continues the property’s enduring legacy.

Published 19-September-2023