Raymond Park to Become Temporary Warm-Up Venue for 2032 Brisbane Olympics

Did you know that Raymond Park has been selected to become a temporary warm-up venue for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics?

Situated on the inner southside of Brisbane, a mere 500 metres from the Gabba stadium, Raymond Park will take on a crucial role as a training ground for track-and-field athletes during the upcoming international sporting event.

Traditionally, warm-up tracks are positioned close to Olympic athletic venues. Space constraints around the Gabba stadium, however, have led to the selection of Raymond Park instead.

A temporary four-lane track, boasting six-lane straight and complete warm-up facilities will be constructed.

Opting for a four-lane track with a six-lane straight, the Organising Committee remains in alignment with International Federation requirements whilst minimising disruption to residents and preserving the park’s trees.

Raymond Park Selected as Temporary Olympic Warm-Up Venue for Brisbane 2032 Games
Photo Credit: Facebook / Amy MacMahon – Greens MP for South Brisbane

Assurances have also been made by the Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee, Brisbane City Council, and the State government that there will be no resumptions of homes to make room for the temporary facilities.

To ensure the sports facility fits perfectly within the park’s existing dimensions and alleviate concerns about potential housing loss, proposals for a thinner track are also being explored.

The plan also provides for protection of the park’s heritage structures as well as a brand new clubhouse for the Kangaroo Point Rovers Football Club.

In the period leading up to the Games, the Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee is expected to maintain a close partnership with the Queensland government to keep the community well-informed about the planning and progress of the warm-up facilities. 

Praising the residents of Kangaroo Point for their cooperation and patience during the planning phase, Andrew Liveris, the President of the Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee, emphasised the commitment to being excellent neighbours and upholding transparency throughout the process.

Published 7-August-2023