Party Over for The Stock Exchange Hotel as The Riversdale Group Announces Closure

Eight years after The Riversdale Group relaunched The Stock Exchange Hotel, the company announced it will be closing the iconic site in December. Its popular Sundays at Stockies, however, will be moving to a bigger location but the details are still under wraps.

The Riversdale Group didn’t provide a specific reason for the closure but workers on site relayed that the COVID-19 restrictions have had a huge impact on its operations. Whilst the restrictions were relaxed in recent weeks, it was too late to save the hotel.

Around 30 staff will lose their jobs at an unfortunate time, with Christmas just around the corner. 

“The Riversdale Group would like to take this opportunity to thank our valued customers, suppliers and contractors who have supported us over the years. We are especially proud of the experience our dedicated team has always delivered to our guests,” the management said in a statement

“A huge thank you to our loyal staff who stayed with us during lockdowns and restrictions—your hard work and dedication is beyond measure and we are truly grateful for all your efforts in keeping The Stock Exchange Hotel trading in 2020.”  

Photo Credit: Facebook

The Stock Exchange Hotel was established in 1863 at the heart of the inner-city and amidst the high-rises. The Riversdale Group refurbished the property to create a rooftop beer garden, which provided the most enjoyable atmosphere for drinks after work.

The site of countless Brisbane events, The Stock Exchange Hotel has always catered to different clientele, locals or visitors. 

“My first club was the Stocky in 1987 and we partied there every Saturday night for years. The stocky = Bloody great memories,” Joanne Rees shared on Facebook. 

“This was my old stomping ground for about 5 years, because I worked in the building beside the Victory across the road. Had a lot of big lunches & big nights at The Stock Exchange,” relayed Karen Kriesch.

Relieve your memories at the Stocky one last time and visit the site before it closes on 13 Dec 2020.