Make Waves with Riverlife’s New Water Bikes for Hire

Get ready to make waves at this latest leisure activity in Brisbane! If you’re looking for a fun thing to do or something you’ve never done before then the water bikes for hire at Riverlife will not disappoint.

These water bikes aren’t like the boxy paddle boats that have been popular for a while. They work like standard bicycles, easy to use and navigate at a regular speed of fewer than 20 kilometres per hour or depending on how fast and strong you can pedal.

Because you’re biking on water, the ride is swift and smoother without traffic congestions, potholes and everything else that makes biking on the road so frustrating. You’ll get a full workout, as well as a short trip around Brisbane’s beautiful riverside, within a 30-minute hire. 

Photo Credit: Riverlife/Facebook

If you’re not up for getting wet, the water bikes are extremely stable and won’t create a splash…unless you’re up for jumping in the water. 

Rest assured, safety precautions will be observed at Riverlife whilst safety briefings will be conducted by well-trained staff before you hop on that bike. Riders will get a personal floatation device and sunscreen as well.

Are you thinking of setting up a race with your friends? Water bike hire sessions are open every Wednesday to Sunday. Booking online in advance is encouraged.