Eagle Street Pier Complex Nearing Demolition After Court Allows Waterfront Brisbane

Residents and businesses have lost a hard-fought campaign against a developer’s plans to tear down 30-year-old Eagle Street Pier complex to build the $2.1-billion Waterfront Brisbane, located across the Brisbane River from Kangaroo Point.

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This comes after Judge Michael Williamson of the Planning and Environment Court has dismissed the appeal, ending a two-year battle between residents and Dexus, the developers of Waterfront Brisbane.

Eagle Street Pier
Photo credit: David Patterson/Google Maps

Brisbane City Council approved the project back in December 2020. However, it received opposition from the community, particularly property owners nearby, just a couple of months later. Among those who wished to have Council’s rulings overturned were the apartment owners of the neighbouring 53-storey Riparian Plaza.

One of the tenants of the skyscraper believes Waterfront Brisbane is just oversized and would be disproportionate to the rest of the riverside buildings.

Photo credit: Jasmine Rose/Google Maps

The demolition of Eagle Street Pier impacted many establishments in the area, especially restaurants which were forced to close in July 2022 in preparation for the billion-dollar development of the precinct.

A handful of restaurants and bars already ceased trading in the area, including Coppa, City Winery, Naga Thai, The Coffee Club, The Bavarian, and Mr and Mrs G.

Waterfront Brisbane Construction

Waterfront Brisbane will deliver two new towers with a combined 120,000sqm of office space, enhanced retail offering, and substantial improvements to the riverwalk.

Works also include construction of large public plazas opening on to the river, a widening of the riverwalk to at least six metres for the full length of the site, ramping to allow cyclists ease of access to street level.

John Holland, contractors of the 49-storey, north tower of the project, originally planned to begin construction by the end of 2022 and have it complete by 2027. The company is expecting to employ up to 650 workers at the peak of construction.

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The delivery of the Waterfront Brisbane scheme will also require temporary closure and diversion of the Riverwalk. Riverwalk closure is planned for 2023, with reopening scheduled for 2024.

For updates about Waterfront Brisbane, visit Dexus’ website