The Prawnster in Kangaroo Point Grapples with an Uncertain Path Forward

The Prawnster Dockside Marina Kangaroo Point

The Prawnster, a popular seafood haven in Kangaroo Point, finds itself at a crossroads with its future hanging in the balance following a recent legal verdict. 

Nestled within the picturesque Dockside Marina, this iconic seafood restaurant has faced a protracted legal battle concerning its commercial operations on the river.

Despite the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the termination of its berthing and mooring deed, owner Martin Brennan remains steadfast in his commitment to keep the restaurant’s doors open. He maintains that “closing down isn’t an option” and vows to continue trading, assuring patrons that a solution will be found.

A Unique Dining Experience

Since its inception in August 2020, The Prawnster has offered a distinctive dining experience. Situated on two refurbished trawlers and a covered pontoon, it aimed to provide fresh seafood sourced directly from Queensland’s trawlers while floating on the serene waters of the Brisbane River.

The concept was inspired by successful ventures such as Prawn Star in Cairns and the Fisherman’s Co-Op on the Gold Coast.

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The Prawnster Dockside Marina Kangaroo Point
Photo Credit: The Prawnster/Facebook

The restaurant’s popularity soared, earning accolades and adoration from its customers. In 2022, it was voted among the top 10% of restaurants worldwide on TripAdvisor, a testament to its quality and appeal.

The Legal Dispute

The heart of the matter revolves around the restaurant’s right to operate on the Crown lease at Dockside Marina. Whilst The Prawnster’s legal team sought clarification in court, the focus initially centered on the termination of the berthing and mooring deed. The court upheld this decision, thereby putting into question the restaurant’s location.

Whilst the court did not delve into the specifics of the Crown lease, it left the possibility open for further legal action. Brennan’s legal team is contemplating an appeal and is carefully examining their options, considering the complexity of the situation.

The Prawnster Dockside Marina Kangaroo Point
Photo Credit: The Prawnster/Facebook

Despite the uncertainty surrounding its location, The Prawnster remains committed to its loyal patrons. With his eyes on the upcoming holiday season, Mr Brennan is determined to find a way forward. Whether it be at Dockside Marina or an alternative mooring location closer to the CBD, he is confident that the restaurant’s unique concept and loyal customer base will endure.

Mr Brennan is reaching out to both state and local government authorities, seeking support and collaboration to secure an appropriate mooring location. His resolve to keep the business trading is unwavering, driven by the outpouring of support from the community.

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Published 21-Nov-2o23