Embark on the Adventure of a Lifetime: Join the STS Young Endeavour Voyage

Are you ready to set sail on an adventure like no other? The STS Young Endeavour, currently docked at Kangaroo Point, invites young Australians to embark on an 11-day journey to learn not only about the ropes of sailing but discover their leadership potential. No sailing experience is required.

The STS Young Endeavour is a remarkable vessel. It is a two-masted, square-rigged sailing vessel built for the purpose of offering development programs for the youth at sea.

The STS Young Endeavour is not your average vacation; it’s a journey into a world of adventure and self-discovery. Everything goes down to the basics, even for entertainment–that means, no phones or social media. Instead, you’ll learn how to sail a square-rigged ship and work with your fellow crew members as a cohesive team.

Each day on the ship is a new experience. There is always something new to learn such as how to set and furl sails, navigate the ship and even take command. Then there are games, team-building activities, opportunities to assist the chef, work with the engineers, chart a course with the navigator, and more. 

Still, not everything about the journey is all hard work. You will also have plenty of time to relax, swim, play sports, explore islands and National Parks, spot marine life like whales and dolphins, and most of all – connect with people from all over the country.

Each year, the STS Young Endeavour takes on around 20 voyages, exploring the picturesque coasts of Australia. Often, these voyages depart from ports in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. The ship then circumnavigates Australia, visiting the Northern Territory and Western Australia, at least once every few years.

The Young Endeavour Youth Scheme is made possible in collaboration with the Royal Australian Navy. The program offers young Australians a one-of-a-kind, demanding, and inspiring sea experience aboard the national sail training ship Young Endeavour.

They have successfully provided over 600 youth development trips, sailed approximately 400,000 nautical miles, welcomed over 12,000-day sail guests onboard, and sent over 14,000 young Australians on a life-changing journey at sea since 1988.

STS Young Endeavour is set to set sail on the 26th of September, heading from Kangaroo Point to Newcastle and bringing along a mixed crew of 24 young Australians.

To apply for the next voyage, check their website here.

Published 21-September-2023